Big news from the Patchworks sphere! After years of working closely on integration projects, NetSuite has approved Patchworks as their only built-for-NetSuite POS connector.

What this means for you

As their first ever approved point-of-sale connector, Patchworks is closely aligned with NetSuite, reducing the complexity of going back and forth between different providers.

With blueprints for how NetSuite interacts with all iPaaS Vendors  the most popular POS systems, we can get your ERP integration off the ground quicker than ever before. What’s more, you’ll be able to see exactly how your ERP will interact with your point of sale – meaning you can be confident about your data syncs.

Why integrate NetSuite with your POS?

For any business with both physical stores and online sales channels, a singular view of your stock holding in NetSuite is invaluable. By making NetSuite the central hub for your essential business data, you can stay organised with a holistic view of your operations – no manual inputting necessary.

Integrating NetSuite with your point-of-sale software opens up an automated channel of communication between your systems. Through scheduled data syncs, NetSuite learns everything that’s happening at your physical stores ­– and vice versa. Everything from inventory and pricing to order and returns information gets automatically shared between your systems.

Not only does this help with managing your replenishment and purchasing, but it also enables you to personalise your customers’ experience. By automatically syncing with your ERP, you’ll be able to access a wealth of customer data from your POS systems ­– meaning that even if an online customer has never been to your store before, you can still talk to them like an old friend.

Cloud-based POS

We integrate all the most popular cloud POS systems with NetSuite’s ERP. Affordable, scalable and quick to get up and running, SaaS-based point-of-sale systems are ideal for fast-growing retailers. With advanced features and a simple user interface, they’re also easy to set up and use across your stores.

Shopify POS x NetSuite

Much like Shopify itself, Shopify’s point-of-sale system is secure, scalable and incredibly easy to use. With everything you need to sell across multiple locations and channels, Shopify POS offers discount functionalities, inventory management and 24/7 support from the Shopify team.

Vend HQ x NetSuite

Vend is one of the most popular retail POS systems, loved by over 20,000 retailers worldwide. Designed to let you effortlessly sell, manage and grow your business, Vend’s cloud-based system can be accessed from anywhere – whether that’s in your store, your stockroom or on your phone.

Lightspeed x NetSuite

Designed specifically for small and medium-sized business, Lightspeed gives you the tools you need to centralise purchasing, track unit cost and get low-stock alerts. With payment flexibility and customer profiles, Lightspeed also enables you to personalise your customer experience. And when you integrate Lightspeed with NetSuite, you’ll have even more data to utilise.

Enterprise POS

Got a more complex point-of-sale system? We also integrate NetSuite with the market’s leading enterprise POS software, so you can get a more holistic view of your business from your NetSuite platform.

Xstore X NetSuite

Oracle Xstore is a robust point-of-service platform, designed to provide global brands with inventory visibility, customer intelligence and seamless transactions. Complete with tools for in-store clienteling and promotions, Xstore is a leading POS contender for enterprises.

Cegid Y2 X NetSuite

Cegid is the ultimate POS system for creating a unified, frictionless shopping experience. Aside from an extensive range of enterprise-level point-of-sale functionalities, Cegid enables you to go further with augmented shopping experiences, in-store product recommendations and complete customer profiles.

Patchworks + AnyPOS

Whether you’re looking to set up POS for the first time or you’re using a bespoke system, we can help you get up and running with a NetSuite integration. We connect NetSuite to all point-of-sale systems, with pre-defined data mapping to get you set up quickly. Get in touch today to unlock the power of the Patchworks platform.

Patchworks become first approved NetSuite POS connector