I imagine it would be a task that was quite frightening for someone who had never sent a car before. Therefore I decided to write a short car shipping guide that focused on the most important things to be recorded based on my experience.

Car shipping quote.

The first thing to do is determine your budget and then get the shipping offer. I usually get a car delivery quote from five different companies before narrowing my options. If the purpose you send is for remotely or exit the “General” route, be prepared to pay more. Public routes are a destination that often travels with car shipping companies usually big cities and ports. Some shipping quotes will show whether the route is normal or out of the way.

Car delivery season.

I did not realize that shipping cars were seasonal until one of the car shipping companies told me. Basically, there are several periods in the year where California Car Shippers it is actually cheaper to send your car assuming the same goal. It is best to ask the car shipping company about their fares of the year. You might realize that by delaying to send your car a month or two can save hundreds of dollars.

When to pay

I would highly recommend you pay the cost of shipping cars only after the car is sent to your destination. The reason is that some car shipping companies might take their own sweet time to give so they have your deposit. They know you have committed to them and it is impossible to get another car sender and will push you around.

Shipping Report

Another reason is that after the car is delivered, you can assess your car to see if it has been damaged during shipping. The car delivery report will be given to you before the car is sent. Car delivery reports details of all information in your car such as scratches on the car, reading meters etc.

Use it to compare after the car is sent. Some car cruise companies will encourage you around if you have paid money and try to delay or don’t care about the car. At least, if you haven’t paid the deposit, you still have a bargaining power.

How to send a car