The Miller TIG welder is a newer, more expensive option. The Esab welder comes with a price tag that is more affordable for the average home DIYer or small business owner. There are several differences between these two brands which you should consider before making your purchase decision. 

What is a TIG welder

Both the Miller and Esab TIG welders are feature-rich, high quality units. These two machines both have a strong track record of reliability, durability and performance which is why they have been used successfully in a variety of industries for decades. The following list outlines some of the differences between these two welding machines:


The Esab welder has a digital feature that helps the user to monitor and control the output voltage. In contrast, the Miller TIG welder doesn’t have this feature which makes it more difficult for the average person to use since you must determine what setting is appropriate based on watching the arc. 

Why would you use a TIG welder instead of an MIG or stick welding machine?

TIG welders are mostly used in industrial work for welding thin metals since they can control the heat input manually. They are less common in light industrial applications where MIG or stick welding machines are more frequently used. 

Which TIG welder would be best for my needs?

This really depends on the type of work you will be doing and how many hours per week you think you might use it. If you have not had any experience with either machine then I would suggest that you rent these machines to determine which is better suited for your needs. 

How do I maintain my Miller TIG Welder?

If you have a miller tig welder, unlike other welding machines which require little maintenance, this machine is very sensitive to dust and different kinds of debris. It has many components inside which are delicate, so you must ensure that they stay free from any form of contamination. To avoid the occurrence of the problems listed below, clean it after every use with a soft brush or lint-free cloth. This will prevent accumulation of dust particles.

Dust absorbs heat energy causing uneven heating on tungsten electrode resulting in poor starts and arc action on weld puddle.

Debris on tungsten electrode can break off into molten metal – this is called spatter – resulting in porosity in the weld bead thus causing defects like blowholes dust during welding can produce oxide fumes which can damage tungsten electrodes, contaminate work area equipment and cause

Reasons to purchase an Esab VS Miller TIG Welder:

Design, ease of use and utility are the main reasons to purchase an Esab VS Miller TIG Welder. A design that has been around for a long time is usually a boring one, but in this case there’s nothing wrong with going mainstream for most welding applications. This machine does everything a welder should do. The control knobs are labeled clearly and easy to follow without any complicated instructions required by users.

The Esab VS Miller TIG Welder is recommended for many users when they have an urgent job that needs to be finished on schedule. It can also be used in both shop or field settings with great success making it one of the best models on the market today at a reasonable price compared to other similar models from competing brands.

The machine is compact and lightweight which makes it easy to move around if needed. The input can be adjusted according to the type of output you need which means users don’t have to buy amps that are too high compared to their needs. This saves money in the long run for those who want an efficient machine without needing anything more than what this one offers.

This unit has a built-in voltage regulator so there’s no need for users to worry about getting the appropriate power level at all times. This ensures proper performance without having problems with fuel consumption or other related concerns over time saving time and money when welding jobs are performed on schedule as needed.


Esab Vs Miller TIG Welder