In the future we must be able to take gloves with haptics technology and use it to create a stronger virtual reality environment for training simulators. Let me explain; First, we know that if gloves with HAPTICS technology are equipped with LED lights on it and the lights shine; The light can be taken by the camera. I proposed we used JS Callahan innovation for this.

If the camera has a very long shutter speed, the person who wears it, when they move will show their hand movements. Or film frames can take lights when hand moves. Now, if gloves have a haptics, we can record the strength where hands are clamped on something, we and can record it. So, now we know his position and strength. What can we do with it? Lots;

For example, if we take the SWAT team, or soldiers clean the terrorist building, we can use the information we have collected to create a realistic training simulator. Thus, we can place a soldier in the VR cave with another holographic army or we can make a 3D rollstock video game simulation. The practice of soldiers can also be determined to be augmented reality, where it moves around obstacles, or to the building or simulator room.

With LED lights we will record enough data to have the rest of the virtual team participating in proctice. This is an application that is worth mentioning. Now, there are all types of simulators for other industries, which need to involve people or other participants. Just note them once for every change in events to be practiced in the simulator. Think about this.

Engineering Combat Training Simulator