Using the search term “smiley”, Google produced 28,200,000 results; Yahoo with 94,000,000. The figures indicate the growing popularity of cool emoticons and smileys with the way people communicate on the internet today. No wonder the providers of emoticons and smilies have multiplied on the Internet; each claims that their group of emoticons is the best.

To encourage online users to test how emoticons and emoticons work, and how they affect email messages or how they animate comments on social media pages, most emoticon companies offer the free download feature with his funny emoticons. Like most emoticons and emoticons, they are compatible with popular mail servers such as Yahoo! Mail, GMail, Hotmail or AOL,  mysmiley emails are no longer dry and concise. Now they convey all the emotions you would like to convey to the person writing the email.

But the cool free downloadable emoticons are only available in a limited number, so the emoticon representing your exact emotion at a specific time may not be available for use. To make sure you never run out of cool emoticons to send your emails to, it’s a good idea to subscribe to a reputable provider. How do you know which one to choose? Here are four things to check:

Drawings. Graphics should be attractive, well crafted, and not “smudged”. There must be a huge collection of cool emoticons to choose from; how would you like to find the exact expression and always make a special character in your email. Your funny face provider should not only offer a large collection of unique and eye-catching designs, but also ones that “speak” of the times; how people express themselves today.

Compatibility with the most popular e-mail services. Find out how flexible your smiley software is in terms of compatibility with popular email service providers, such as Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, AOL, Earthlink, Comcast or Outlook. In contrast, there are hundreds of large emoticon software companies, but there are only a limited number of companies that support a larger base of email clients. A suitable emoticon company to subscribe to is compatible with most email providers.

Dimensions. You need variations when using emoticons, small, medium or large, as there are different levels of emotions as well. You may want to send a big smile from ear to ear to show how grateful you are to the recipient of your email, or send a small version of an angry emoticon to show disappointment, but you don’t want to emphasize the negative emotion too. much. Ease of use and safety. Regardless of how useful emoticons are, and even if their download to someone’s desktop is free, he-she might hesitate to click the download button for fear that, along with the fun software, the not-so-fun part: viruses or malicious adware and spyware that can come with free download.

4 things that make cool emoticons really cool software